Initiative 1: Create a Statewide “Local Government Flexibility Toolkit”

Ensure that local governments have the necessary resources and tools to balance budgets, protect taxpayers and maintain fiscal health.

  • Develop a statewide fiscal stress test through the State Department of Revenue to help local governments maintain fiscal health.
  • Provide local governments with greater flexibility by ensuring that as labor contracts are crafted, they account for a broader range of considerations, including the fiscal challenges facing municipalities and counties.
  • Consolidate Milwaukee County’s health care and pension plans into the state’s plans. Isolate the existing Milwaukee County legacy pension costs in a “lockbox” separate from the state’s plan.
  • Reform the County’s mental health services for better outcomes, better quality of life and maximizing Medicaid reimbursement. Accomplish this by shifting from institutional models of care, focused on in-patient and crisis care, to a community care model that helps consumers maintain health and independence.

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Initiative 2: Create a new blueprint for County governance
Initiative 3: Create a new blueprint for the delivery of County services
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